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oCccAdjustZoomDlgDialog to set the current zoom of a 3D view (or equivalently the pixel size)
oCccAlignDlgRough registration dialog
oCccApplyTransformationDlgDialog to input a 4x4 matrix
oCccAskThreeDoubleValuesDlgGeneric dialog to query 3 (double) values
oCccBoundingBoxEditorDlgDialog to define the extents of a 3D box
oCccCameraParamEditDlgDialog to interactively edit the camera pose parameters
oCccClippingBoxRepeatDlgDialog for managing clipping box based repeated processes
oCccClippingBoxToolDialog for managing a clipping box
oCccColorGradientDlgDialog to define a color gradient (default, with 2 colors, banding, etc.)
oCccColorScaleEditorDialogDialog to edit/create color scales
oCccColorScaleEditorWidgetColor scale editor dialog
oCccColorScaleSelectorAdvanced editor for color scales
oCccCommandLineParserCommand line parser
|oCCloudDescLoaded cloud description
|oCEntityDescLoaded entity description
|\CMeshDescLoaded mesh description
oCccCommonCommon parameters and other stuff
oCccComparisonDlgDialog for cloud/cloud or cloud/mesh comparison setting
oCccComputeOctreeDlgDialog for octree computation
oCccCurvatureDlgDialog to define curvature computation parameters
oCccCustomQTreeViewCustom QTreeView widget (for advanced selection behavior)
oCccDBRootGUI database tree root
oCccDisplayOptionsDlgDialog to setup display settings
oCccExportCoordToSFDlgDialog to choose which dimension(s) (X, Y or Z) should be exported as SF(s)
oCccFastMarchingForNormsDirectionFast Marching algorithm for normals direction resolution
|\CDirectionCellA Fast Marching grid cell for normals direction resolution
oCccGraphicalSegmentationToolGraphical segmentation mechanism (with polyline)
oCccGraphicalTransformationToolDialog + mechanism for graphical transformation of entities
oCccHeightGridGenerationDlgHeight grid generation algorithm dialog
oCccHistogramWindowHistogram widget
oCccHistogramWindowDlgEncapsulating dialog for ccHistogramWindow
oCccInnerRect2DFinderFinds a the biggets enclosed rectangle in a point cloud (2D)
|\CRect2D rectangle
oCccLabelingDlgDialog to define connected components labelinng parameters
oCccMinimumSpanningTreeForNormsDirectionMinimum Spanning Tree for normals direction resolution
oCccMouse3DContextMenu3D mouse context menu
oCccNormalComputationDlgDialog for normal computation
oCccOrderChoiceDlgDialog to assign roles to two entities (e.g. compared/reference)
oCccOverlayDialogGeneric overlay dialog interface
oCccPickOneElementDlgMinimal dialog to pick one element in a list (combox box)
oCccPointListPickingDlgDialog/interactor to graphically pick a list of points
|\CcloudContextOriginal cloud context
oCccPointPropertiesDlgDialog for simple point picking (information, distance, etc.)
oCccPrimitiveFactoryDlgPrimitive factory
oCccPropertiesTreeDelegateGUI properties list dialog element
oCccRegistrationDlgPoint cloud or mesh registration dialog
oCccRegistrationToolsRegistration tools wrapper
oCccRenderToFileDlgDialog for screen to file rendering
oCccScalarFieldArithmeticDlgDialog to choose 2 scalar fields (SF) and one operation for arithmetics processing
oCccScalarFieldFromColorDlgDialog to choose 2 scalar fields (SF) and one operation for arithmetics processing
oCccSensorComputeDistancesDlgDialog for sensor range computation
oCccSensorComputeScatteringAnglesDlgDialog for scattering angles computation
oCccStatisticalTestDlgDialog for the Local Statistical Test tool
oCccSubsamplingDlgSubsampling cloud dialog
oCColorBarWidgetColor bar widget
oCColorScaleEditorBaseWidgetBase color scale editor (sub)Widget
oCColorScaleElementSliderColor scale element as a widget
oCColorScaleElementSlidersSet of color scale elements (widgets)
oCdbTreeSelectionInfoPrecise statistics about current selection
oCMainWindowMain window
|oCccHObjectContextBackup "context" for an object
|\CccMDIDialogsCloudCompare MDI area overlay dialogs
oCsfEditDlgGUI scalar field interactor for properties list dialog
oCSliderLabelWidgetAll sliders labels widget
\CSlidersWidgetAll sliders widget