Camera tilt/yaw

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Camera tilt/yaw

Postby Ewanc » Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:00 am

First of all thanks for making this awesome program, Ive been enjoying it for about a year, with my sim racing projects. Ive even made a guide on how to use it for Beamng.Drive while building Road Atlanta with USGS LIDAR. ... dar.39370/

The only real problem I'm having with it is with GIS LIDAR, its a pain to visualize in the view port. Rotating the map tends to make it yaw and spin upside down due to the way the axis control is setup. Is there a way to keep the z axis up right? I want to be able to zoom and rotate about the map to see different sides of mountains (working on Pike Peak ATM) to see the different faces of the mountain, but its very un-intiative. I know about the "lock rotation about vert axis" but it constrains it too much, not sure how to explain.

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Re: Camera tilt/yaw

Postby daniel » Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:02 pm

Indeed, CC's 3D view has not been designed to work with this kind of data... Maybe we could enhance this but I'm not sure how and when ;)

Meanwhile, one thing that can help a lot would be to use a 3D mouse (e.g. 3dConnexion).
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