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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|\CGeneratorColors generator
oCcc2DLabel2D label (typically attached to points)
|\CPickedPointPicked point descriptor
oCcc2DViewportLabel2D viewport label
oCcc2DViewportObject2D viewport object
oCCC_TYPESCloudCompare object type flags
oCccBBoxBounding box structure
oCccBoxBox (primitive)
oCccCalibratedImageImage associated to 3D calibration information
|\CKeyPointKey point
oCccCameraSensorCamera (projective) sensor
|oCFrustumInformationFrustum information structure
|oCIntrinsicParametersIntrinsic parameters of the camera sensor
|\CUncertaintyParametersParameters ion order to correct lens distortion
oCccChunkedArrayShareable 'chunked' array that can be properly inserted in the DB tree
oCccClipBoxClipping box
oCccColorScaleColor scale
oCccColorScaleElementColor scale element: one value + one color
oCccColorScalesManagerColor scales manager/container
oCccConeCone (primitive)
oCccCustomHObjectCustom hierarchy object
oCccCustomLeafObjectCustom leaf object
oCccCylinderCylinder (primitive)
oCccDrawableObjectGeneric interface for (3D) drawable entities
oCccExtruProfile extrusion (primitive)
oCccGBLSensorGround based LiDAR sensor model
|\CDepthBufferSensor "depth map"
oCccGenericGLDisplayGeneric interface for GL displays
oCccGenericMeshGeneric mesh interface
oCccGenericPointCloudA 3D cloud interface with associated features (color, normals, octree, etc.)
oCccGenericPrimitiveGeneric primitive interface
oCccGLShortcuts to OpenGL commands independent on the input type
oCccGLMatrixA 4x4 'transformation' matrix (column major order)
oCccHObjectHierarchical CloudCompare Object
oCccHObjectCasterUseful class to (try to) statically cast a basic ccHObject to a given type
oCccImageGeneric image
oCccIndexedTransformationA 4x4 'transformation' matrix (column major order) associated to an index (typically a timestamp)
oCccIndexedTransformationBufferIndexed Transformation buffer
oCccInteractorInteractor interface (entity that can be dragged or clicked in a 3D view)
oCccKdTreeKD-tree structure
oCccLogMain log interface
oCccMaterialMesh (triangle) material
oCccMaterialSetMesh (triangle) material
oCccMeshTriangular mesh
oCccMeshGroup[DEPRECATED] A group of meshes sharing vertices (and associated properties) in a unique cloud
oCccNormalVectorsCompressed normal vectors handler
oCccObjectGeneric "CloudCompare Object" template
oCccOctreeOctree structure
oCccOctreeSpinBoxOctree level editor dialog
oCccPlanePlane (primitive)
oCccPointCloudA 3D cloud and its associated features (color, normals, scalar fields, etc.)
oCccPolylineColored polyline
oCccProgressDialogGraphical progress indicator (thread-safe)
oCccQuadricQuadric (primitive)
oCccScalarFieldA scalar field associated to display-related parameters
|oCHistogramSimple histogram structure
|\CRangeRange structure
oCccSensorGeneric sensor interface
oCccSerializableObjectSerializable object interface
oCccSerializationHelperSerialization helpers
oCccSingletonGeneric singleton encapsulation structure
oCccSphereSphere (primitive)
oCccSubMeshA sub-mesh
oCccTimerAbsolute timer
oCccTorusTorus (primitive)
oCccViewportParametersStandard parameters for GL displays/viewports
oCColorsTableTypeArray of RGB colors for each point
oCglDrawContextDisplay context
oCglDrawParamsDisplay parameters of a 3D entity
oCNormsIndexesTableTypeArray of compressed 3D normals (single index)
oCNormsTableTypeArray of (uncompressed) 3D normals (Nx,Ny,Nz)
\CTextureCoordsContainerArray of 2D texture coordinates